Divine Connections.

Knowledge of the One we worship. Revisiting the Quranic verses. Understanding the philosophy behind prayers. Knowing the intricacies of the acts of faith.

The Art of Praying by Imam Van Ael starts this August 9th.

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The Divine Names

A fully online course

You will be taught how to recognise them within your life. You will learn how powerful every single name really is if you understand the name and call upon Allah through these names. We will travel through the Divine names in the light of Wim Van Ael’s book: Transformed by His Names.

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About Van Ael

Imam Van Ael is the Muslim Chaplain at the London School of Economics, Imperial College and SOAS, UK.

Named recently by The Muslim 500 as one of most influential muslims in the world, his teachings resonate amongst the emerging young urban muslim crowd making him a powerful, dynamic and credible voice for Islam in Europe.

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Years of Serving communities

Since 1995, he's been serving Muslim communities across the globe with his teachings and leadership.



Thousand Muslims Impacted 

Through his teachings and projects, he's impacted thousands of muslims across Europe securing him a spot on The Muslim 500



Authorizations to teach Islam

He has received several authorizations to teach the Islamic tradition and give religious edicts. He has also been an Official Khateeb in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.